Maybe you like the work so much that you can spend times to discover why these lines were put there, why are these lines more bold than others, why this subject, what does this work have to tell me, makes ik me happy or let it me hear the cry of help from others?

eyes open-close
oilpainting open close
naar een idee van de negerhut van oom Tom
BIC art Gust
BIC-ART family
BIC-ART family
BIC-art vreemd
BIC-art vreemd

A painter’s work does not always have to say something its just can be beautiful. This is what some shops sell, beautiful,in production created works.(nothing wrong with that) But that is not what you find here.

Precisely because my works are not made in a production process but took times, some times months to finalize what is making the difference. The beauty is mostly in telling the story. The story of the maker but not in least the viewer can read his own story.

Some people like to change decor regularly and therefore do not like to spend too much money at one work.
But also there are people who, despite they would like, have a problem to buy such a work at all.

To help you having one of these works I would like to reach you some options.

Of course there are always more options to discuss, but a simple solution could be,
You choose one of my works with as en example a sales value of 600 Euro. You pay 2% monthly of 600 Euro, in other words per month 12 Euro. Minimum period is 6 months.

Interested, just contact me.