A Passion for Pen Art

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ap-p-art, appart, a passion for pen art

How the passion awaked.

Drawing has always been a passion for me. Although I did it only a little, because there was always so much other work to do, unconscious I was putting scribbles on whatever that I wanted to give a meaning.
Now after a career of 35 years and more than a half century life has gone, it is time to explore the passion that is in me.
Seek out my 'signature', in what can I distinguish. Knowing I have patience, I want to bring a story and am used to draw scribbles in my note book with a BIC.
Meanwhile I have seen a lot of works from Jan Fabre and as Jan describes, the BIC blue does have something magical. This was some inspiration together with the full scratched sheets that he produced.
But in my opinion, it should be more structured, not crisscross but aligned, the lines should bring some rest.
Just like Satie play's the piano, note by note, line by line. As a music score they forming a total story.

How the name AP-p-ART was born.

My signature should be unique from other ballpen works.
When I was searching for an name that could described my work, I tought immediately on 'APART' (seperate, not common, special).
I hope that the works that I make separate themselves from others.
Unfortunately the name 'APART' was certainly not at all original. This name was already widely taken as the name for an institution, an organization or other work. So we needed to be even more 'special'.
I confess, I'm not the best writer and make a lot of grammatical mistakes. So why not to be bold, it would be even more art and create a language mistake. That's even more special and always good material to start a discution.
Finally a name, APPART. How to match my vision with this name? Who am I and what would I represent?
Art is an easy one as we want to create art. But those other letters 'APP'? No, it is not a reference to the app's (applications) on our smartphones or PC's. 'P' can stand for Painting, Portrait, Pen or Performance. 'A' might represent even Apart.
Brainstorming in my empty head, a lot of wind, low noise and no result.
And suddenly, as sent from heaven, my son says "A Passion for Pen Art". Voila, a new pseudonym was born. A Passion for Pen Art" is a perfect synonym for what I want to represent and what I want to convey. Rather than the brush I work with pen and preferably with the ballpen or conscious BIC.

Even though the painting on a canvas is viewed more as art. The beauty of art is that it is not limited to a medium or carrier, but is very wide of possibilities.
Nice to know is that P. P. Rubens painted mostly on wood.

As already mentioned, my love for pen (BIC) is received by the works of Jan Fabre. It seemed so illogical to use a ballpoint pen as a medium for making art. But when I saw his works and the possibilities, I was really captured by this material.
A text that I read somewhere "the hour blue" inspired me and helped me to move on.
To avoid misunderstandings, this certainly does not mean that even I'm passioned by the pen, I only work with that material, absolutely not. On this website you'll find other works as well.
I hope that you will enjoy the work and that it also can inspire you.


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